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Latest in bioinformatics

A paper in Nature Energy shows how the compatibility of electric vehicle range with driver usage is systematically underestimated and demonstrates that tailored compatibility information can reduce range concern. https://t.co/Fnju5TuRTK

Nearly half of post-menopausal women 50+ develop osteoporosis, accelerated bone loss that leads to this "brittle bone disease."

#WCM's Dr. Nasim Chowdhury (@DrNasimC) discusses symptoms, risk factors and prevention tips: https://t.co/R63ShzPRuG

“Finding great collaborators, and being able to work with them productively, is one of the most important predictors of success,” writes Carsten Lund Pedersen for @NatureCareers, outlining a framework for finding the right collaborator. https://t.co/4NZ7MU67K3

The 2022 AACR-Day One Biopharmaceuticals Pediatric Cancer Research Fellowship is a two-year, $120,000 grant that supports promising postdoctoral or clinical research fellows. Apply by July 6:

Elimination of hunger will require shifts in crop usage by 2030, according to a study in @NatureFoodJnl. Sub-Saharan Africa, however, will likely fall short even if all harvested calories are used directly as food. https://t.co/Nd3VWzLMVU

A study in @CommsEarth concludes that increased confidence in shoreline projections relies fundamentally on a quantitative understanding of the sediment budget, including any major short-term sediment contribution by extreme storms. https://t.co/RJ570MXxDT

DEGRONOPEDIA - a web server for proteome-wide inspection of degrons https://t.co/JKEvBHFM2x #biorxiv_bioinfo

We are hiring https://t.co/ADuFULWpPa @BladderCaJrnl @OncoAlert @BladderCaJrnl @UrologySBUR @jobRxiv @PostdocO @PostdocP @WCMEnglanderIPM @cornellGUcancer

Rapid communication of clinical trial results via preprint articles has likely saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and should become the new norm, Peter Horby argues in a World View article in @NatureMedicine. https://t.co/qNZV8b2u1n

A Comment article in @Nature discusses how stopping virus spillover from animals to humans can prevent future pandemic and lays out four actions decision-makers must take in order to reduce the risk. https://t.co/x9fsre069E

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Python matplotlib: all about fonts

Fonts output into pdf as text, not shape, to be recognized in Illustrator: Change fonts style for all, change the default: Change fonts style for labels, tick marks, and titles: (for each plot, not changing the default) Change legend font style: (for each plot, not changing the default) Source:https://jonathansoma.com/lede/data-studio/matplotlib/exporting-from-matplotlib-to-open-in-adobe-illustrator/https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20753782/default-fonts-in-seaborn-statistical-data-visualization-in-ipythonhttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/47112522/matplotlib-how-to-set-legends-font-typehttps://matplotlib.org/stable/api/_as_gen/matplotlib.pyplot.legend.html

Unix rearrange columns

FS and OFS specify the input/output separator Source:https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/344541/easiest-way-to-rearrange-columns-and-manipulate-text-file

Liftover bam files

The most straightforward way is using CrossMap. Taking from hg19 to hg38 as example: genome liftover chain files can be downloaded here: http://hgdownload.cse.ucsc.edu/goldenpath/hg19/liftOver/ (change according to your needs) It is suggested to always use ‘-a’ option according to the CrossMap website. Source:http://crossmap.sourceforge.net/#convert-bam-cram-sam-format-files


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