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Wednesday 24th June 1914: This is the original Moulin Rouge, famous Parisian cabaret venue which burnt down in 1915. I've cleaned & enhanced this autochrome, taken in the Boulevard de Clichy by Stephane Passet. It's original colour (not colourised).

A variant in MFGE8 gene that protects against heart diseases was identified in the @FinnGen_FI study by @samrip's team. The heart disease risk is ~ 20% lower in carriers of this Finnish enriched variant compared to the population on average. #finlandhealth

Only about 1% of the Pampa biome is currently under protection, the smallest protected area of any biome in Brazil. A new #LetterToScience argues for increased conservation efforts for this overlooked biome. https://t.co/Spf7M8XyYS

Happy to present the publication of #PerSVade in @GenomeBiology
PerSVade is a tool to
personalize Structural Variant prediction for your genome of interest
Developed by @MikiSchikora at @gabaldonlab


In this new study, Zhang et al. propose a spatial vaccination strategy to reduce the risk of vaccine-resistant variants.
Find out more and read the paper in full here: https://t.co/QiiXdCYCm6

Intense ivory poaching during the Mozambican Civil War resulted in the rapid evolution of tusklessness in female African elephants, a 2021 Science study found, shedding light on the forces human harvesting can exert on animal populations. https://t.co/ZosuuwnZ7B

Soft tissue pads underfoot may have enabled sauropod dinosaurs to evolve their giant statures, according to a new modeling study in @ScienceAdvances. https://t.co/1I9vRhVrku

Synthetic control over spatial patterns of gene expression in plant root tissues can be used to “reprogram” individual aspects of their root growth, researchers report in Science.

Learn more ⬇
#SciencePerspective: https://t.co/YkBbEKLWdT

Scientists have found that similar #cancer-associated mutations in the protein KRAS have distinct effects on the cancer-causing potential of the mutant protein—a finding that may inform treatment strategies for KRAS-driven tumors. https://t.co/hslsApld2i @SciSignal

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Pandas merge or sum values in rows with the same index

When the values are numeric and apply operators: When the values are numeric and apply functions: Source:https://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/version/0.22/generated/pandas.core.groupby.GroupBy.apply.htmlhttps://pandas.pydata.org/docs/reference/api/pandas.core.groupby.GroupBy.sum.html

Python matplotlib: all about fonts

Fonts output into pdf as text, not shape, to be recognized in Illustrator: Change fonts style for all, change the default: Change fonts style for labels, tick marks, and titles: (for each plot, not changing the default) Change legend font style: (for each plot, not changing the default) Source:https://jonathansoma.com/lede/data-studio/matplotlib/exporting-from-matplotlib-to-open-in-adobe-illustrator/https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20753782/default-fonts-in-seaborn-statistical-data-visualization-in-ipythonhttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/47112522/matplotlib-how-to-set-legends-font-typehttps://matplotlib.org/stable/api/_as_gen/matplotlib.pyplot.legend.html


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