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Identifying protein sites contributing to vaccine escape via statistical comparisons of short-term molecular dynamics simulations https://t.co/nqvuZH4sOf #biorxiv_bioinfo

What will it mean to #EndCancer as we know it? As we recognize the 50th anniversary of the landmark #NationalCancerAct, SKCC’s interim director ⁦@andrewchap361⁩ shares his vision for the future. ⁦@theNCI⁩ #NothingWillStopUs #WeAreNCIDesignated #UntilEveryCancerIsCured

As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of the National Cancer Act, Columbia Cancer director Anil Rustgi, MD, shares his thoughts on what it will take to end cancer as we know it.

@theNCI #NothingWillStopUs

As the 50th anniversary of the signing of the National Cancer Act of 1971 approaches, Massey director @DrRobWinn shares what ending cancer as we know it means to him. #NothingWillStopUs

A paper in @NatureComms reports the development of a CRISPR/Cas9 mediated synthetic lethal system that enables the production of single sex offspring that can be repurposed for use in multiple organisms. https://t.co/f1zpMewXty

Remembered as a caring doctor and world leader in #GeriatricOncology at @cityofhope, Dr. Arti Hurria was a first-generation American who found her calling working to ensure that #CancerCare met the specific needs of the elderly. #NothingWillStopUs https://t.co/lKExL6jKzj @theNCI

Thrilled to share my first paper from my PhD, advised by @jkpritch and in close collaboration with my co-first author @shailamusharoff, on testing for differences in causal variant effect sizes across populations. https://t.co/1Smhr09IiA (1/9)

How SARS-CoV-2 evolves over the next several months and years will determine what the end of the pandemic looks like — whether the virus morphs into another common cold or into something more threatening such as influenza or worse. Read the @Nature report. https://t.co/JRjQzURhx2

ONS CEO Brenda Nevidjon answered the question "Ending cancer as we know it means..." in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the National Cancer Act and @theNCI #NothingWillStopUs

Ending cancer as we know it means ensuring every cancer patient becomes a long-term survivor. In honor of 50 years of the #NationalCancerAct, our CEO Dr. Sung Poblete shares #StandUpToCancer’s commitment to fund advances in prevention, screening & treatment. #NothingWillStopUs

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Python matplotlib: all about fonts

Fonts output into pdf as text, not shape, to be recognized in Illustrator: Change fonts style for all, change the default: Change fonts style for labels, tick marks, and titles: (for each plot, not changing the default) Change legend font style: (for each plot, not changing the default) Source:https://jonathansoma.com/lede/data-studio/matplotlib/exporting-from-matplotlib-to-open-in-adobe-illustrator/https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20753782/default-fonts-in-seaborn-statistical-data-visualization-in-ipythonhttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/47112522/matplotlib-how-to-set-legends-font-typehttps://matplotlib.org/stable/api/_as_gen/matplotlib.pyplot.legend.html

Unix rearrange columns

FS and OFS specify the input/output separator Source:https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/344541/easiest-way-to-rearrange-columns-and-manipulate-text-file

Liftover bam files

The most straightforward way is using CrossMap. Taking from hg19 to hg38 as example: genome liftover chain files can be downloaded here: http://hgdownload.cse.ucsc.edu/goldenpath/hg19/liftOver/ (change according to your needs) It is suggested to always use ‘-a’ option according to the CrossMap website. Source:http://crossmap.sourceforge.net/#convert-bam-cram-sam-format-files


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