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Latest in bioinformatics

The results of a study in @Nature provide a mechanistic link for the association between multiple sclerosis and Epstein-Barr virus, and could guide the development of novel MS therapies. https://t.co/6tzNcyawhG

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A Review published in @NatRevEarthEnv discusses how an increase in the number of lakes due to permafrost thaw and an intensified hydrologic regime is not offsetting the land area gained through lake drainage but is leading to drained lake basins. https://t.co/3xS2mzkqKB

Chromatin remodeler! Keep mesoderm from making useful brain cell! Get on saddle node and ride pony! https://t.co/lasncMjDzB

Clinical studies are the backbone of medical research and, along with basic research, provide the foundational knowledge to bring safe and effective medicines to patients in a timely manner. Read more in the AACR Cancer Progress Report: https://t.co/HXOcFI5zCm

The simulation approach in this new article from Wiśniewska et al. on African savanna elephants offers a generalizable basis for hypothesis testing in other social animal species, wild or captive, subject to exploitation by humans.
Find out more here: https://t.co/NRdGgsQBQc

Results of online surveys based on existing real-world carbon tax rebate policies demonstrate such programmes have had limited political impacts to date, according to a @NatureClimate. paper https://t.co/YluqGUbbjR

A paper in @Nature presents support for a controversial evolutionary classification of bats, based on the anatomy of their inner ears. https://t.co/8QIBWHnmKH

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Python matplotlib: all about fonts

Fonts output into pdf as text, not shape, to be recognized in Illustrator: Change fonts style for all, change the default: Change fonts style for labels, tick marks, and titles: (for each plot, not changing the default) Change legend font style: (for each plot, not changing the default) Source:https://jonathansoma.com/lede/data-studio/matplotlib/exporting-from-matplotlib-to-open-in-adobe-illustrator/https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20753782/default-fonts-in-seaborn-statistical-data-visualization-in-ipythonhttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/47112522/matplotlib-how-to-set-legends-font-typehttps://matplotlib.org/stable/api/_as_gen/matplotlib.pyplot.legend.html

Unix rearrange columns

FS and OFS specify the input/output separator Source:https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/344541/easiest-way-to-rearrange-columns-and-manipulate-text-file

Liftover bam files

The most straightforward way is using CrossMap. Taking from hg19 to hg38 as example: genome liftover chain files can be downloaded here: http://hgdownload.cse.ucsc.edu/goldenpath/hg19/liftOver/ (change according to your needs) It is suggested to always use ‘-a’ option according to the CrossMap website. Source:http://crossmap.sourceforge.net/#convert-bam-cram-sam-format-files


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